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Audition Notice!

A hilarious comedy by Phil Olson

Directed by Duane Mercier


Auditions September 23 and 24 7 PM at Epilogue theater 1849 N. Alabama Street, Indianapolis.


Auditioners will be asked to read from the script.


Rehearsals run October 2 through November 28. Performances November 29 - December 9. (Thur-Sun)


It’s Christmas Eve, and a young newspaper reporter on the brink of being fired has been assigned a last-chance story about a typical family Christmas – his family’s Christmas. He goes home to his recently widowed mother, his crazy uncle, his eccentric grandmother, and his battling siblings and their neurotic spouses, who provide no shortage of material. One by one, we learn each family member’s secrets, problems, and dysfunctions, and when they learn that he’s writing an article with some very personal family information, the fruitcake hits the fan. The question is, will the magic of Christmas bring this family back together?


Appropriate for all audiences. Contains mild adult themes.


CASTING (Stage ages)

CARL  (20's - 30's) The middle brother. Has a little inferiority complex toward his older brother. A newspaper reporter.


MOM (50's - 60's) A widow. She's doing her best to get over the loss and keep everyone happy.


GRANDMA (70's - 80's) She's tough as nails, and wants everyone else to be, too. A real character.


MICHAEL (20's - 30's) The older brother. A little nerdy. The favorite son, at least at first.


STACY (20's - 30's) The younger sister. Nice. Kind of a wholesome innocence,


UNCLE BOB (50's - 60's) A partier. Everyone has a crazy Uncle Bob.


JILL (20's - 30's) Michael's trophy wife. Emotional from being hormonal.



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