2018 Epi Awards and Membership Banquet Held August 12

Epi Award Recipients

2017-2018 Season


Minor Supporting Actress

Melissa Cleaver, Tribute

(Other nominee: Wendy Brown, Belles, the Reunion)


Minor Supporting Actor

Ron Pittman, Run for Your Wife

(Other nominee: Mike Bauerle, Lucky Me)


Best Supporting Actress

Hazel Gillaspy, Maggie's Choice

(Other nominees: Coleen Kubit, Maggie's Choice and

Judy Lombardo, Maggie's Choice)


Best Supporting Actor

Mike Bauerle, Run for Your Wife

(Other nominees: Larry Haworth, Lucky Me and

Kelly Keller, Maggie's Choice)


Best Actress

Mary K. Fischer, Run for Your Wife

(Other nominees: Jennifer Berk, Run for Your Wife and

Hazel Gillaspy, Belles, the Reunion)


Best Actor

Stephen Foxworthy, Run for Your Wife

(Other nominees: Dennis Forkel, Tribute and

Duane Mercier, Maggie's Choice)



Brent Wooldridge, Run for Your Wife

(Other nominees: Lea Viney, Belles, the Reunion and

Marsha Grant, Maggie's Choice)


Best Production

Run For Your Wife

(Other nominees: Lucky Me and Maggie's Choice)

Brent Wooldridge (Director) and Coleen Kubit (Producer) accept the 2018 Epi Award for Best production for Run For Your Wife.

The Annual Epilogue Players Epi Awards and Membership banquet were held Sunday August 12th at The Atrium Conference Center, honoring the 2017-18 season and announcing the slate of officers for the 2018-2020 term.


Ron Roessler and Duane Mercier were jointly honored as volunteers of the year serving in various capacities.


At the meeting following the awards, Jenny Braun was elected to serve as the new Treasurer of the board, joining incumbants Ed Mobley, President; Ron Roessler, Vice President and Hazel Gillaspy, Secretary who were unopposed. Officers on the board serve a two year term.


In addition, Coleen Kubit was recognized for her continuing service to Epilogue Players as Treasurer for two terms and reservations manager and house manager.


Congratulations to all on a great season as we prepare for the coming year.


2018 Calendar of Events

August 5 - Board Meeting

August 12 - Membership Banquet and Meeting

September 9 - Board Meeting

September 20-30 - Becoming Dr. Ruth perf.

October 14 - Board Meeting

November 11 - Board Meeting

November 29 - Dec 2 - A Nice Family Christmas

December 9 - Board Meeting

December 16 - Christmas Party

* All dates are subject to change, of course.


We need volunteers to help with various projects in support of our goals. Please contact Ed Mobley (edncathy@sbcglobal.net) or any board member if you are willing to help.


Current needs:


  • Experienced Grant Writer to help raise funds for improvements.
  • Volunteer coordinator.
  • Marketing and publicity assistance.

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