We have some major changes in store for our season schedule beginning September 2018. Laura Larimer and the play selection committee are hard at work reviewing submissions for the 2018-19 season and hope to have that process complete in a few weeks. The new season dates will change to help with attendance at individual performances and to add a seasonal show at the end of the year.


We will begin offering performances two weekends instead of three with shows Thursday through Sunday, making a total of 8 performances instead of 9. The goal is to bring more audience members in for each performance, giving actors a bigger house to play to. In addition, the dates for performance have shifted to allow for a holiday show at the end of November and first of December. The change will also shift our performances away from Footlite shows, so we aren’t always competing with each other for patrons and potties. So the dates for the 2018-19 season will be:


September 20-30, 2018

November 29 - December 9, 2018

February 14-24, 2019

April 18-28, 2019

June 20-30, 2019


Summer Youth

Program Planned


In a continuing effort to expand our outreach into the community, Epilogue Players is in the process of developing a summer youth program for the coming year.


Veronique DuPrey presented the board with a proposal for a week long session which will run July 23-27 for 8-16 children in grades 4-8. Veronique, who has experience coordinating youth programs for her church will coordinate and run the session. She needs additional volunteers to assist for parts or all of the session. Details on the program will be provided as they are firmed up.


If you’re interested in assisting, please contact Veronique at

2018 Calendar of Events

February 11 - Board Meeting

March 2-18 - Lucky Me Performances

March 4 & 5 - Auditions for Maggie’s Choice

March 25 - Board Meeting

April 8 - Board Meeting

April 22 - Spring Party and Membership Meeting

May  4-20 - Maggie’s Choice Performances

May - 6 & 7 - Auditions for Run For Your Wife

May 13 - Board Meeting

June 3 - Board Meeting

June 10 - Summer Picnic/Membership Meeting

July 1 - Board Meeting

July 6-22 - Run For Your Wife Performances

August 5 - Board Meeting

August 12 - Membership Banquet and Meeting

September 9 - Board Meeting

September 20-30 - Performances (TBD)

October 14 - Board Meeting

November 11 - Board Meeting

November 29 - Dec 2 - Performances (TBD)

December 9 - Board Meeting

December 16 - Christmas Party

* All dates are subject to change, of course.


We need volunteers to help with various projects in support of our goals. Please contact Ed Mobley ( or any board member if you are willing to help.


Current needs:


  • Experienced Grant Writer to help raise funds for improvements.
  • Volunteer coordinator.
  • Marketing and publicity assistance.

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